Missing Classmates

If you know where these Classmates are please share our web address with them:
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Melissa Bean
Annette Beane
James Bender
Alfred Blankenship
James Boggs
Richard Bolser
Sheila Brady
Richard Burkowski
Eric Cart
Christopher Catlin
Tim Claypool
Matthew Cook
Lester Cool
Fred Cosner
David Cottrell
Jim Cowling
Robert Davis
James Dean
Vinton Dean
Lilly Dennison
Ronald Drake
Rebekah Fincham
Brian Frame
Larry Frame
William Goodson
Charles Greenlief
Kimbery Gum (Drake)
Gloria Hacker (Keener)
Barbara Hamric
Cindy Harris (Stout)
Christy Hudkins
Tela Angel Jackson
Amy Jeffries
Jonathan Jones
Philip King
Matthew Knight
Stanley Lane
Rebecca Mayse
Dale McCoy
George McElwee
Travis McMillion
Pamela Melvin (Thompson)
Michael Miller
JoAnna Moore
Kelly Morris
Tracy Morris
Shawn Nardella
James Neff
Richard Lee Nicholson
Julia O'Brien
Andrew Priest
Michael Pullen
Julie Rumbach
Canza Sears (Mollohan)
Jeffrey Singleton
Matthew Singleton
David Stewart
Kathryn Taylor
Sam Thompson
Jeffrey Eugene Ware
Rebecca Wayne
Jana M. Williams
Stacy Wine
Mark Wright
Joseph Yaneris
Ronny Yost

Guest Members

Larry (Griffith)
Robin (Linger)
Christy Armstrong (Belknap)
Steve Beane (Art, Coach)
Sterling Beane (Drivers Ed, Coach)
Sharon Bosley
James Browning (Co-Op)
Jim Browning (Vo-Ag /Co-Op)
Sandra Burchett (Biology)
Brenda Burroughs (Math)
Randall Butcher (Ind. Equip. Maint. )
William Carr (Math)
John Carson (Pe, Coach)
Bobbie Conley (Robinson)
Argil Coombs (English)
Michael Corlis (Building Construction)
Andrea Cragg (Nurse)
Sharon Davis (Math) (Williams)
Lyndon Davis (Science)
Patricia Donaldson (Special Ed. )
Allen Donaldson (World Cultures)
Karen Drake (Consumer/Homemaking)
Sandra Facemire
Aaron Frame
Brenda Gibson (Journalism)
Leslie Godfrey (Office Occ. )
Kenny Haney
Brenda Hickman (Pe, Coach)
Karen Huffman (Curriculum Coordinator)
Ruth James (Office Occ. )
Steve Jarrett (Band)
Coretta Jefferson (Special Ed. )
Linda Jenkins (Special Ed. )
Crystal Johnson
David Jones (Math)
Gary King (Perm. Substitute)
Nancy Knight (Reading)
Randy Luzader (Economics/World Cult…
Martin Magrum Jr.
April McCord (Bishop)
Nancy McGregor (Math)
Lynn McKee (Dropout Prevention)
Donna Miller (Harold)
Joseph Mollohan
Rosemary Napierkowski (Special Ed) (P…)
Ellen Nicholson
Shirley Phillips (Librarian)
Linda Piechowski (Special Ed. , Coach)
Sheila Posey (Shaver)
Gary Potts (Drivers Ed. , Coach)
Bill Powers (Drivers Ed. )
Dennis Rape
William Rayl (Voc. Agriculture)
Olen Riffle
Benji Schick
Shirley Shuman (English, Speech)
Bill Singleton (World Cultures, Coach)
Ann Marie Skidmore
Jack Stalnaker (Vice Principal)
Elizabeth Stewart (Contemporary Ame…
Michelle Swisher (Special Ed. )
Robin Turner (Linger)
Lisa Vaughan (Perm. Substitute, Coach)
John Webb (Counselor)
Tracy Williams
Delmas Wine (World Cultures)